Julian von Hoff

I have been playing the accordion since I was in the first grade. I chose it at that time because it had a
lot of buttons and it fascinated me a lot and still does today. My role models were my aunt, who
always played at Christmas in the family, and Roman Gribi, who lives in my neighbouring village and
always played at events. In my first lesson I learned a piece in which the left and right hand always
alternated and which I think was composed by my teacher at that time, Mr Nigg, for didactic
purposes. After Mr. Nigg I came to Rade Mijatovic which was quite a step because Rade challenged
me a lot from the beginning. From there on I took part in various competitions, including the SJMW,
AMW, as well as the Swiss Accordion Competition. I also took part in mChecks 1-6 and often played
solo or in an ensemble at the pricegiving concert. In my repertoire I have one piece, Biscaya, which I
have been playing again and again for many years and which I always enjoy.

I am taking part at the Coupe Mondiale because my teacher and I set this as a goal three years ago.
He told me that in 2022 the Coupe Mondiale would be in Switzerland and that we would certainly
play there, and I was of course very excited about it. The participation serves as an incentive for me
to practise and thus brings me a lot further musically and technically. At the competition, I look
forward to meeting accordionists from all over the world and forming new friendships.

I especially like pieces that are very technical and therefore demanding for the fingers. In the
meantime, however, I have also discovered quieter and more musical pieces and have found joy in
these as well. At home, I often listen to music for learning, which is usually calmer or classical music.
Otherwise, depending on my mood, I listen to most types of music.

My mother plays the guitar and piano and my sister plays the flute, piano and organ. I have played
concerts together with my sister a few times (alto-flute, accordion).

In my free time I like to do a lot of sports. Table tennis, floorball and most games and endurance
sports. I also do Lego robotics.

My goal is to be able to play La Campanella on the accordion one day, as I think it is one of the most
difficult piece.

The accordion is one of the most versatile instruments with which you can also just accompany